sea storm

by ichorling

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from the tourist ep, out oct 2nd


we are the young we are the free we’re fighting for our sanity, we were betrayed by our bodies and we never fuckin sleep
we’re the kids you forgot, we’re the kids you never loved, we’re the poor, we’re the broken, we’re the storm on the sea

you havent lived what ive lived and im not really gonna forgive ya
i dont expect you to understand if youre living a life, everything on demand
rich kids, fast cars, no rules, no scars,all sins, cigarettes, and turnin it up
they get to be invincible while we stuck out here bein responsible

all these songs i hear on the radio, yknow the ones that all the other kids seem to know
stay out all night, party all the time, live fast, die young, spend every dime
youre takin for granted what we never had, me and my friends sittin at home goin mad
cause some of us cant really afford cars, some of us still are healing our scars
so we don’t really go out, we’re hiding inside, this ones for my friend’s who feel they’ve already died

everybody’s chain smokin’ on the roof ’til midnight, everybody’s fuckin ’til the sun comes up,
they’re all living life in fast cars, last hours,
while you and i are dreaming of our demons and we’re hiding from the sun

my friends and i got bags under our eyes, lived our whole lives having to compromise
every time we stand up, we’re kicked to the ground, our internal structures were build unsound
and i made myself bleed to prove to myself what ive been through
prove to myself that im real im still here, prove to em all that my hurt is sincere
if you’re hearing my voice and you’re feeling alone, feel like you’ve never really felt at home
ive been there im still here youll find somewhere you belong
until then i invite you to find a home in these songs

what the media wants you to believe is that you and me we’ll never achieve
our dreams but i know that we were born for this, i insist you exist never let them dismiss
our power if we stand up strong, together, they cant stop us, we are the inclimate weather

you and me, we’re the storm on the sea
you and me, we’re the storm on the sea

if you’re scared of the sun, i’m here to let you know you’re not alone. if you’re scared to let go of the darkness that’s all you’ve ever known… i’m scared too. but take my hand, okay? we’ll go together.


released September 26, 2015



all rights reserved


ichorling Los Angeles, California

ichor; noun. the blood of the gods. rhymes with liquor.

sarah and zoe;

the tourist ep, out now.

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